Yash Vasant

Yash is a Globally Recognised Entrepreneur. He is the Managing Director for the Vasant Group, with investments and holdings in Trucking, Warehousing and Freight Forwarding.

He is the Founder and National Director for Corporate Connections in India, Nepal and SriLanka. Yash is also the Founder and Executive Director of one of the largest business networking organisations in the world: BNI, with over 4000 active members in his regions across Gujarat.

He has a degree in Economics and Neuroscience with a focus on Behavioural Psychology from the University of California Los Angeles. He has a law degree from the Gujarat University and holds a CFE from the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives. He is a NLP master practitioner from the NLP school in London.

Yash has a lot of respect for education and is very excited to have recently founded Playtos Miniversity which is a business school for young children what is being recognised as one of the greatest curriculums for children around the world.

He was recognised as an Enterprise Icon in India by the Economic Times and a who’s who of the business world by unified brains.

Yash is deeply respected by his peers as someone who did not come into his family business and built his entire legacy from scratch. His hard work, commitment to excellence and depth of understanding human nature is what has left thousands of people in admiration across the world.


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