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Disabled audio and MIDI meters were not correctly shown as pacth out in the routing choosers When Live\’s authorization was not successful, the dialog box could erroneously confirm it as successful.


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Auto-scrolling in session view could get stuck after releasing the mouse, when dragging a device across the splitter between browser and session view. Fix a rare crash which could occur when closing plugin windows on Mac. Improved tempo detection for warped audio files where the tempo appears to be constant. Improved warp downbeat detection.

The first warp marker 1. Improved the sound of Complex and Complex Pro Warp modes. Added the option \”Warp Selection as x-Bar Loop\” in the context menu when right clicking on a time selection inside an audio clip.

Live Sets that contain Max for Live devices or third-party plug-ins now have lower latency. The latency introduced by a device is now displayed in the status bar, when hovering over the title bar with the mouse. No latencies are shown when latency compensation is turned off. Automation and Modulation are now fully latency compensated.

Modifying the Arrangement loop brace with mouse or keys will not affect the current track selection, while previously all tracks were selected as soon as the braces where adjusted with the mouse.

The Serato bridge is now compatible with Live 9. Updated and Kits with better sounding Kicks and Snares. The Session Ring would not be entirely displayed on screen anymore when navigating through tracks if the Live Set contained folded Group tracks.

Fixed a bug in the Axiom Air 25, 49 and 61 Control Surface remote script, where the Send mix mode controlled the available Sends for the currently selected channel, instead of controlling Send A for the first 8 channels. Fixed a bug which caused artefacts in the waveform visualisation when increasing the Gain on low amplitude audio clips.

The Live browser \”All Results\” label would not remember the settings for the optional second column. Fixed a rare crash which might happen on OS X with certain input sources. Fixed a crash which might occur when deleting several Max for Live devices from a Live Set at once. Live would crash when quitting the application while renaming a Groove in the Groove Pool.

A Live Set might become corrupt when saved after a crash recovery, if the original Live Set had meanwhile been modified by a different Live instance. Notes at the beginning of Clips would not be triggered when rendering or freezing tracks containing Max for Live devices or third party plugins. Remote mappings via a Max for Live device would not work for toggle parameters anymore. Minor adjustments to the translations of Clip context menus.

Overdrive would report a wrong latency value, thus would not correctly be compensated. Redux would report a wrong latency value when in Soft mode, thus would not correctly be compensated.

Minor GUI bugfixes for high resolution displays. Fixed a bug which could cause graphics glitches and crashes on OSX when using high resolution displays. Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor would stay in stopwatch or beachball mode until the user physically moved the mouse. This would happen after loading devices, live sets, or anything else which would necessitate the use of the stopwatch cursor.

Updated the pixel font used primarily in device LCDs like Operator for retina displays. Also improved the aspect of envelope curves drawn in the device\’s LCD displays. Fixed a glitch where the modulated value would become visible as an orange dot while dragging a slider, even if no modulation exists. Holding \”Delete\” and tapping an encoder on Push resets the respective parameter to the default setting. Holding \”Shift\” while turning an encoder on Push changes the respective parameter with finer resolution.

Improved buttons readability on Push. The Repeat and Metronome buttons now blink if active. This caused the very first note in the Clip not to be played back at all. Live will not auto-update to versions above 9. Fixed a bug which caused modulations for arrangement clips to disappear when undoing and redoing after duplicating a track. Fixed a graphics problem which could occur on OS X The Simpler instrument could lose certain macro mappings after converting a Sampler to Simpler and then enabling Simpler\’s Pitch Envelope.

Fixed the spacing of the \”Hz\” icon on Simpler\’s LFO Rate switch on Retina displays Under certain conditions, the Tension instrument could produce unwanted noise bursts after loading a preset and then playing the first note. Live could crash when undoing and redoing after importing a clip or a track containing automation from the browser.

Live would also keep crashing when recovering the Live Set from the undo file. Note that this requires a Mac with OS X Added native full screen support for Mac OS X. Note that this requires Users with older OS X versions and Windows users are not affected by this change.

Updated info texts and manuals. Some chooser controls would clip the right side of an active entry when closed, e. This is now fixed. Fixed a crash that could occur under certain conditions when loading Live sets containing a large amount of VST plug-ins and Max for Live devices. Fixed a crash that could occur when hovering over an automation breakpoint or segment on the first automation lane of an Arrangement track and then forcing another automation to be shown on the same lane, e.

Max for Live MIDI effect devices would not be correctly latency-compensated when the device was turned off and the device had an additional latency defined in its patcher inspector.

Improved the threshold for inverting text colour of clip names, chains, macros, etc. Bugfixes: The [live.

The Launchpad\’s Mixer mode would stop working after using the Launchpad\’s Session Zoom feature in Live sets containing more that 8 tracks. Changes for Push: When using a low audio buffer size or high sample rate, Push\’s buttons would not be backlit after launching Live Windows only. When entering Scales mode on Push, the Selection and State Control buttons would not light up until one of them is pressed once.

Push\’s Duplicate button would not work anymore for clips, tracks and scenes if Clip workflow is selected. Auxiliary audio outputs of certain VST plug-ins would not be delay-compensated anymore. Observing or controlling the APC40 button matrix with a Max for Live device would not work after disabling the control surface.

Fixed an issue which caused the Filter Type and its automation if existing to be set to an incorrect type after converting Simpler to Sampler or vice-versa.

Bugfixes: Fixed an issue which caused CPU spikes when moving a MIDI note in a track containing certain Ableton devices with automated parameters while the transport is not playing. Fixed a bug that caused the active Control Scripts to be loaded again when activating an additional Control Surface. Enabling multiple tracks for recording and then triggering the Session Record button from the APC40 MKII would only record into the currently selected track instead of all armed tracks.

Fixed an issue on the Mackie Control Pro where the display would not show the parameter\’s values correctly, after previously enabling the level meters. Fixed a graphical glitch which could occur when changing an Arrangement track\’s vertical zoom level via the Mackie Control or a Max for Live device. Under certain conditions, this could also lead to a crash. Importing a Session View clip containing automation for a Max for Live device into another Live Set would create automation breakpoints in the Arrangement View.

When loop is activated in the Arrangement View, MIDI sustain messages and other CC messages would not be recorded reliably after the first loop iteration. When configuring plug-in parameters, some sliders in Live\’s plug-in panel would not match the position of the respective parameter in the plug-in GUI. Text in deactivated clips was not readable with certain skins. Fixed a crash which might occur when renaming a Drum Rack pad while triggering another pad. Live could crash under certain conditions when running as a ReWire slave and creating a new Live Set without saving the previous Set.

Under certain circumstances, Live would delete send automation or modulation envelopes from clips when exporting clips or tracks to the browser. Additionally, Live could crash when using the undo feature after such an export operation.

Updated control surface documentation. Improved readability of text in clips, tracks, chains and macro controls. The text color is now automatically inverted, depending on the background color.

Bugfixes: Live would show cryptic error messages in case it detects and repairs a corrupt database. Now it shows something more meaningful. Looped clip envelopes could have an incorrect length after unlinking the envelope, linking it again and then moving the clip from Session View to the Arrangement View.

When overdubbing a MIDI clip in the Arrangement View, the resulting clip would not be cropped to the correct content, but would contain all other notes of the track. A playing clip in the last scene would stop playing when deleting a scene above it. Fixed a bug that could occur when recording automation over a loop jump in a Session View clip when the Arrangement View\’s loop is active. Plug-in parameters of certain VST plug-ins would not instantly update on the custom plug-in window after changing presets.

Fixed a crash that could occur on Mac OS X when quitting the application while Live is buffering samples. Fixed a crash which could occur in the bit version of Live when loading presets containing a very large amount of devices.

Fixed a crash that could occur under certain conditions when moving scenes and then using Undo. Live 9 Intro or Lite would crash when importing an audio clip which uses the Complex or Complex Pro warp mode Windows only. Changes for Push: It wasn\’t possible to edit device parameters if a track\’s input routing was set to \”No Input\”. Audio clip recording could be interrupted when choosing another track with Push, even if Exclusive Arm is deactivated in Live\’s preferences. When selecting a track, the Melodic Step Sequencer would sometimes not select a page in the currently playing clip.

Live would always record the last received CC value into a MIDI clip, even if it was received before the actual recording was started. Note that this change might affect compatibility with 3rd party control surface scripts, i. Please contact the manufacturer of the script in case you encounter any problems.

Live would cut off all currently playing notes on a MIDI clip when engaging overdub recording in the Arrangement View. When recording clips on multiple tracks in Session View by triggering a whole scene, clip recording would sometimes be aborted too early in some slots.

Live would freeze when setting the loop length of an unlinked clip envelope to the minimum value. Fixed a crash that could occur when creating audio feedback routings with drum rack sends, for example when routing a return chain to itself. Live could crash under certain conditions when flattening clips containing automation envelopes. Live could crash after using \’Capture and Insert Scene\’ on the last available Session scene and then undoing that action.

Max for Live devices could be out of sync when exporting audio with multiprocessor support enabled. Push\’s display now indicates if a selected track is frozen and cannot be modified. Push could freeze when browsing user folders, in case a path name contained certain special characters. Fixed a rounding problem that could sometimes occur with the bar graph that shows up on the display when tweaking an encoder. When exporting audio, sample-rate conversion is now done using the high-quality SoX Resampler Library, resulting in higher quality exports when rendering to a lower sample rate.

Live now uses multiple CPU cores when exporting audio and the normalisation process is faster than before. When exporting audio files from Live with the option \”Create Analysis File\” enabled, Live will now save warp markers with the. It will now close any secondary window that is open.

If no secondary window is open, it does nothing. The audio buffer size is now restricted to power-of-two values. Windows users should note that not all ASIO drivers support this and may still allow to use non power-of-two values. This can lead to a higher CPU load and higher latencies.

Ableton recommends to always use power-of-two buffer sizes, i. Added 10 new Simpler presets to the Core Library. Updated manuals, lessons, info texts and translations. Minor improvements for usage data reporting. Now it moves the selection to the clip slot that matches the Session View\’s crosshair. Bugfixes The mouse and keyboard could sometimes become unresponsive after zooming, scrolling or tweaking parameters on OS X Automatic updates could break an installation if the update process was interrupted.

Automatic updates would not work when running Live in ReWire slave mode. Therefore, automatic updates are now turned off in this case. Live would not check if there\’s enough free disk space available before applying an automatic update. Fixed a problem which could lead to a memory leak in the Ableton Index and Web Connector processes. Loading Live Sets and presets could take longer than necessary if the file contains references to missing samples.

Decreasing and then increasing the audio buffer size in the Audio preferences tab could cause permanent crackling on Mac OS X Two crossfaded clips running in \’Complex\’ or \’Complex Pro\’ warp mode could cause crackles and dropouts if the samples were time-stretched.

Negative sample offset modulation of the Beats warp mode would not work correctly and could lead to disk overloads. The Sampler device occasionally produced a red \’D\’ harddisk warning if the sample is played very fast high note, low base note. The fix reduces the likelihood of such disk dropout warnings. Audio effects or racks with a high overall latency would not be rendered correctly. The beginning of the rendered file could contain a short period of the dry signal.

Fixed a bug that could cause parts of a waveform to disappear when dragging a warp marker. Live would select clips slots when clicking and dragging in the empty area below the clips slots.

Fixed a bug which could prevent certain AU plug-in windows from closing in the bit version. Looping automation in Session View clips was not correctly disabled when touching an automated parameter with the mouse. Irregular audio output values from Max for Live devices i. Such signals are now automatically replaced with silence. Presets containing Max for Live devices from the User Library would sometimes not be shown in the browser\’s \”Max for Live\” label.

Max for Live API: The \”length\” property of a looped clip would reflect the distance from the clip start to clip end marker and not the length of the loop, as specified in the API documentation. Live could crash when remapping a Max for Live device after using undo.

Live could crash when adding a drum rack from the \”Autobeat\” pack. The \”Shaperello Pad\” preset could produce unwanted clicks when tweaking the \”Erosion\” macro. Removed redundant choke group in Kit-SessionDry. Fixed wrong notes in Scale preset \”Minor Pentatonic Scale\”.

Changes for Push Updated firmware to version 1. Live will show a dialog box on startup if a new Push firmware is available. Detailed update instructions and a changelog are available in a separate Knowledge Base article. Added a Melodic Step Sequencer mode. You can now add parameter automation to the selected step in a step sequencer.

Push\’s display now indicates automated parameters, as well as overridden automation. Less force is required to set steps in the step sequencers and loops in the loop selector. Improved behavior and color scheme for the loop selector in step sequencers. Auto-follow mode is now disabled when creating new clips by setting the first step in the step sequencer.

When holding down a step in a step sequencer, you can edit the length of MIDI notes in steps coarse and in percent fine. The length of the edited note is also reflected on the button matrix. You can delete all notes on the same pitch within the current loop by holding down the delete button and then pressing the respective pad. This works in Note mode and also for playable drum pads. The \”Fixed Length\” setting is now respected when creating a new clip by adding steps to an empty step sequencer.

When enabling \’Scales\’ mode, you can use the first encoder to scroll through the available scales. The second footswitch input now allows to control clip recording: A single tap triggers Push\’s record button. A double-tap triggers Push\’s \”New\” button. Clips inside group tracks would not be indicated on the button grid when using Session mode. When creating a new clip while Push is in Session mode, any update to that clip\’s color was not reflected on Push. The playhead could sometimes skip the first step when auto-follow was enabled.

The playhead would sometimes be stuck for a short time or skip beats when changing the step sequencer\’s resolution.

If a clip\’s start marker was set to a negative time, e. Live could crash when overdubbing automation on a Return track using Push. Added control surface support for Novation Launchkey Mini. Added control surface support for Reloop KeyFadr. Added control surface support for Reloop KeyPad.

Updated lessons. Updated lessons and info texts. Fixed a bug which could decrease Live\’s GUI performance in sets containing a very large amount of devices.

The Arpeggiator device could play too many notes under certain conditions. Chains assigned to certain velocity ranges in an Instrument Rack\’s Velocity Zone Editor would not be triggered under certain conditions. Live could crash when closing a Live set that contains AU plug-in devices with Program Change automation. Live could crash when using \’undo\’ and \’redo\’ actions on non-configured plug-in parameters.

Live could crash under certain conditions when re-enabling the audio engine if the currently loaded Live set contains VST or AU plug-ins. Live could crash when changing the warp mode of multiple clips at once, if one of the clips contains a.

Live could crash when loading a Live set containing a Convolution Reverb device. Live could crash under certain conditions when moving an automation segment.

Triggering an Audio-to-MIDI conversion from the browser could corrupt the Live set, if the target track was created inside a group track. Live could crash under certain conditions after saving a Max for Live device in the Max editor.

Improved the text of the error message which is shown after a certain type of crash on Windows systems \”HandleStageOne\” class.

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