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Civil war strategy games pc

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Dec 21,  · This is a grand strategy game dedicated to America’s notorious civil war, encompassing almost the entire North American continent, with logistics, economics, and strategy sitting on top of a. Jul 14,  · Video Games Encyclopedia by Strategic Command: American Civil War. Ultimate General: Civil War. A tactical war game developed by Game-Labs. Ultimate General: Civil War is set during the Grand Tactician: The Civil War. Grand Tactician: The Civil War is an RTS set in the realities. Jun 30,  · Add to wishlist. Strategic Command: American Civil War gives you the opportunity to battle for the future of the United States in this grand strategy game. Command the Confederacy in a desperate struggle for independence, or lead the Union armies in a march on Richmond. %. $


Civil war strategy games pc


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Performance cookies support site performance analysis. These are optional and will be disabled if you click on Reject. By clicking Accept you agree to our use of Performance cookies as detailed in our Privacy Policy. In this turn-based strategy game, you will control the armies, research, production and diplomatic policy of either the Union or the Confederacy during a time of great innovation and dramatic battles. Your decisions will determine whether the United States leaves this conflict as one nation or two.

What are your orders, Mr President? Strategic Command: American Civil War comes with a massive This is the largest hex-based map ever offered by the Strategic Command series!

With few professional soldiers ready to fight at the beginning of , building an army will be just as important as ordering your men into battle. Thousands of volunteers are enlisting, and you will need to organise them into Brigades, Divisions and eventually Corps. Research will have to be undertaken to improve their weaponry and fighting skills. Once their training is complete, you will be able to choose from a variety of famous Generals to lead them, including Lee, Jackson, Grant, McClellan, Beauregard and Sherman.

With the fate of entire armies hinging on single battles, the appointment of talented Generals may well be the difference between victory and defeat. The great rivers of North America, including the Mississippi, Ohio and Cumberland, can now be navigated by all-new river warships, with inland ports offering the opportunity for rapid movement, and their waters bringing the danger of amphibious attack.

The war on the high seas has also been expanded, with ships now divided into rivercraft, coastal and sea-going vessels, and wooden and ironclad construction. With the most diverse roster of warships ever offered by a Strategic Command game, your admirals will have more opportunities than ever before to achieve victory at sea. The fog of war has never been more important in shaping your success on the battlefield, as the lack of radio communications means that cavalry will be essential to locating enemy armies and avoiding ambush.

Infantry scout detachments, partisan rangers and armoured trains can also be trained to expand the recon capabilities of your armies, while Generals willing to use experimental technology will have the opportunity to use observation balloons, taking the war to the skies.

Diplomatic action, battlefield success and decision events such as the sale of the Confederate Cotton Stockpile or the Emancipation Proclamation will determine whether the European Great Powers intervene in the Civil War. Official mods have been included with the game, allowing players to choose between two brand new map styles and the \”classic\” style used in our previous games, t he game also comes with an Editor that will enable you to make your own campaigns or mods.

Using an enhanced version of the engine used by our WWI and WWII games, American Civil War also incorporates all of the much-loved features from previous titles in the series, ensuring that a great gaming experience awaits series veterans and new recruits alike!

All Rights Reserved. All other marks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Riverine warfare is now possible, with waterways that can be navigated by 3 types of river vessel. Coastal and inland fortress defences play a much greater role in Civil War strategy, guarding many key ports and waterways.

Built before the war, their locations are known to both sides. Deactivating Partisan scripts, historical event popups and the European intervention mechanic now requires only a single event to be disabled. Accept Reject. Sign Up Login.

Strategic Command: American Civil War. Add to wishlist. Strategic Command: American Civil War gives you the opportunity to battle for the future of the United States in this grand strategy game.

Command the Confederacy in a desperate struggle for independence, or lead the Union armies in a march on Richmond. Forum Jul 31, Assistant Producer – Hardcore Wargames by Roby Re: Panzer Corps goes Pacific by bondjamesbond. Beta Tournaments Manual. Release Date: Jun 30, Language: English, Spanish. Genre: Strategic. Timeline: Civil War. Theatre: America. Difficulty: Intermediate. Play Style: Turn-Based. Players: AI: Present. Game Editor: Moddable Data Files. Info Features Requirements. Color box and disk with PDF manual.

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