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Fox horizon feeder fx 3 free download

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Fox horizon feeder fx 3 free download

FOXPRO Free Sound Library. All sounds are in FXP format which is only compatible with select FOXPRO game calls. FXP files cannot be listened to on your computer or played back on any other devices. These sounds are compatible with all FOXPRO game calls except the following: 38, 48, , , ZR2, and Deadbone. FOX Horizon X3 13ft lb. Besplatna poštarina za sve narudžbe iznad ,00 HRK unutar RH. Three rods in the Horizon X-Class range, m, m and m. Developed using a progressive blank ideal for medium feeder fishing. Constructed using ultra-high modulus carbon to enhance the fish playing action. Fuji Alconite K-Series guides to enhance performance. Designed for casting up to 60g (m), 70g (m) & 80g (m).


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Jackie Greene Americana. The result is the incredible Warrior S Landing Net, which is said to be by many, the best landing net ever produced in its price bracket! There is a new addition to the Warrior S range for in the shape of the Warrior S Compact net, which features a 2-piece handle making it ideal for boat work. Bite Alarms When you think of market-leading bite alarm technology you tend to think of one brand in particular and that brand of course is Fox.

Those high standards are still being maintained to this very day and with all of the modern advancements in technology that we have at our disposal it is no wonder that when you purchase a modern-day Fox Micron you really are investing in the best there is. Within the range of Microns our product designers have strived to cover the needs and wants of anglers across the board both when it comes to technology and prices.

Both models have understandably become very popular during and this growth is expected to continue to flourish for many years to come. In addition to this Micron M range we have the higher-end N-Series, which really are at the forefront of bite alarm technology and when joined in the Micron family with the M-series means that we can offer something for everyone. It is packed full of innovative features including our unique D-Tec Sensing System DTSS which eliminates the need for the reed switches used in other alarms.

With a host of groundbreaking features including precise volume, tone and sensitivity adjustment, massively enhanced battery life, multi-colour LEDs with our Colour-Sync system and a long distance receiver range, there simply is no better bite alarm on the market. The presentation sets offer a considerable saving when compared to purchasing the individual items separately.

Electronics and software on all alarms are optimised to maximise battery life. Whichever colour you select automatically syncs to the NTX Receiver. N Series LEDs are also super bright for excellent daylight visibility. Three front dials allow you to vary volume, tone and sensitivity to cater for all situations and eight settings allow for minute adjustments. Coupled with our proven See-Saw Elimination feature, Intelligent Sensitivity helps reduce false indications.

The body, battery compartment and each dial are individually sealed and those displaying the Water Tested sticker have been stringently tested before leaving the factory.

This top-secret Fox feature makes the alarms reliable and durable, out-performing all others on the market. Well done Fox! Sharing many of the innovative features of the NTXr, the NXr is a truly superb alarm that has grown quite a reputation for reliability and functionality.

Packed with features and compatible with the NXr receiver this alarm gives the angler the combination of a top-end alarm and superb value for money. Utilising three AA batteries, our receiver technology ensures extra long battery life.

This signal strength is purely in place to ensure that no matter what the weather conditions or terrain of your swim you will get a clear signal transmitted back to your receiver at all times when in and around your swim.

You will find a power out socket at the rear of the alarm, which allows illuminated swingers to be plugged whilst it also features low battery drain requires 2 x AAA batteries , a Piezo speaker and adjustable volume control. Both come supplied with a protective Micron hardcase that automatically switches the alarm off when attached.

Rod Support It is fair to say that when it comes to the design and manufacture of rod pods and other styles of rod support and associated products there is one company that anglers across the globe instantly think of. The company is of course Fox International and rightly so as we have been leading the way in innovative rod support design for more years than we care to remember! Built to exceptionally high standards and taking into account the needs and wants of the end user, Fox rod pods boast a number of innovations and patent protected features.

All of our pods are based around lightweight, strong aluminium frames and are fitted with unique cams, collars and threads, making every pod very practical to use. In addition to the rod pods family you will also find a massive selection of the immensely popular Black Label bankware range, which mixes low-key style with top-end functionality. So over the coming pages you are about to see a huge selection of products that cover the demands of carp anglers right across the spectrum.

Whether you are a continental angler fishing inland sea and large rivers, or an angler fishing smaller more intimate venues you are sure to find a rod support product in our range that suits you down to the ground you are fishing on The Sky Pod has been purposely engineered to give incredible stability when fishing on large continental lakes and big powerful rivers.

Such is the quality of this product you can be safe in the knowledge that no matter how extreme the terrain you are fishing, no matter how fast a river is flowing, or how adverse the weather conditions are, your rods will be secure and going nowhere when they are sat on a Sky Pod! The Sky Pod can be adjusted from below the horizontal plane to almost vertical and the rear buzz bar can be positioned along the length of the body, giving your rods maximum elevation.

Available in 3 or 4 rod versions this pod provides stunning stability and versatility! The uniquely shaped body of the Sky Pod guarantees a solid set up with cam loks giving secure adjustment. Extensively tested on the continent, the Ranger Pod can be set up in a variety of positions to cope with the most extreme terrain. Supplied with a carry case and three pairs of legs, every base is covered from having your tips under the waters, to having them pointing high up towards the sky, when fishing at extreme range or over underwater obstacles.

Spring-loaded multi-position leg fixings cope with all terrains. If you are on the lookout for one of the most versatile and easily-adjusted pods ever produced then our Eclipse is perfect. The multi-functional Eclipse is as equally suited to large continental reservoirs as it is smaller more conventional carp lakes found in the UK. User-friendly lever allows positioning up or down in seconds. The Horizon Pod is incredibly versatile and offers outstanding value for money making it a great purchase for newcomers into carp fishing both in the UK and overseas.

It has a fully adjustable main body, as well as adjustable legs, meaning that you can get your rods perfectly level no matter how uneven and awkward the bank you are fishing on. The special, CAD-designed shape of the aluminium tube body and buzz bars on the Horizon help to give a stable set-up and also make the pod surprisingly light to carry. Fox Cam Loks allow for easy adjustment of pod legs on the Stalker and Horizon pods. Dual banksticks ensure the buzz bars cannot rotate under pressure when fishing with tight clutches.

The second in its generation, the Quattro II has proved a great successor to the original Quattro Pod, which revolutionised the rod pod market many years ago. The Quattro II is packed with innovative features that continue to make it one of the best and most popular goal-post style rod pod ever produced.

The four legs are connected by a central boss, fan out in a scissor-action and are quickly and easily secured with Fox Cam Lok fittings. Lightweight, compact and easy to set up, this pod is also ideal for the roving angler. Highly stable, very practical, well done Fox! The main central body is fully adjustable allowing you to set it to the length that best suits your rods, whilst the four extendable legs make the pod very sturdy, even on uneven ground.

In addition the legs can also be set at three different angles, forward, for keeping your rods low to the ground; central, for a standard pod configuration; and back, for adding storm poles when fishing with the tips high up in the air. Easy to adjust cams on the uprights make exact positioning of the buzz bars quick, easy and secure. Highly Impressed! The Small is ideal for any standard rod blank whilst the Large suits full Duplon and cork handles. Simply place the butt of your rod between the two rubber rotating heads and it will lock into position.

The heads will grip the rod perfectly yet cause no damage to the blank. Incorporates two betalight slots. The Frontrunner is a specialist head with a deep groove to allow free line passage, which has a rubber inlay that prevents your rod from slipping.

It also features a betalight slot. Compact rear rod rest head that securely grips your rod butt. The tight grip is ideal for snag fishing but it releases easily when you pick the rod up. In-built T-bars provide extra leverage. Supplied as a pair, these Adjustable Buzz Bars are also available in an XL version and have a central screw thread for attaching to a bankstick along with blanking caps on each end. This means that you can use the Black Label Conversion Kit to transform them from standard buzz bars into an adjustable goal post setup.

Despite being 2 rod they still feature the handy blanking caps should you wish to convert them to a goal post setup. As with the Adjustable Buzz Bars they also work with the Conversion Kit to transform into goal posts that will work on their own or in conjunction with the Black Label Rod Pod. Last year we introduced three sizes into the range and for we have an additional three sizes.

In addition, the pod is designed to work with the Black Label Banksticks which in turn work with the Black Label Buzz Bar range and Conversion Kit meaning that once you own four banksticks and two buzz bars you simply need to purchase the frame of the pod and a conversion kit to create a complete rod pod system.

This not only saves you money, but space too! Adjustable central bar to suit different length rods. These handy washers give good purchase when tightening bite alarms to your banksticks or buzz bars. In addition they work when attaching buzz bars to banksticks. Designed to allow you to fish with banksticks on wooden platforms, should you not want to use a rod pod.

They feature a built-in plate so you can now line up your snag ears, alarm and Swinger with ease. In addition to selling the Swinger and Hockey Stick Plate and Snag Ears in a set we also offer just the plates on their own. Bite Indicators The original Fox Swinger was a product that changed the way anglers fished for carp overnight and more importantly changed the way anglers thought about indication of bites. Albeit well over years since the original Fox Swinger, the design still stands strong and still features heavily in our dedicated range of bite indicators.

There are indeed a number of Swingers in our range including the new Black Label MK3 Purple Swinger, which really is a thing of beauty.

In addition to the comprehensive range of Swingers we also have a whole host of other bite indicators under the Black Label banner, which have been hugely popular since their launch in the autumn of Within the Black Label range you will find all manner of designs that are suited to a whole host of different fishing situations, so whether you wish to fish slack or tight lines, in the margins or at long range, you are sure to find the design that perfectly suits you The whole basis of the range is that you can buy a set bobbin for a relatively low price and then customise it using our CIS to suit the differing angling situations that you will be faced with as no one bite indicator will be the most effective in all situations.

This is a great all-round bobbin that is especially suited to slack line fishing but will work adequately for longer range, tight line fishing when coupled with extra weight. You could say it is the perfect indicator for a newcomer to carp fishing.

Due to popular demand the Black Label Bobbin is now also available in Fox orange! The only time this bobbin will detach from your main line will be when you lift the rod off of the alarm.

A further benefit of the Slik Clip is that the tension is fully adjustable meaning you can change main line diameters without the clip losing its grip. Alternatively this clip can also be used the more traditional free-running way. As with the standard Bobbin these Slik Bobbins are also now available in Fox orange too. There are a number of products available under our Black Label CIS banner all of which have been designed to allow you to create the ultimate bite indicator that suits the angling situation you are faced with on any given session.

You can simply buy a standard Bobbin or Slik Bobbin and then customise them or alternatively, if you prefer, you can build your own indicator from scratch from the CIS board. The Slik Clip is also available separately should you wish to build your own indicator from the CIS range or if you already own a standard Black Label bobbin and want to convert it to a Slik version. They are available in Red, White, Black, Green, Purple, Blue and now Orange too and all feature black adjustable collars that enable you to increase or decrease the tension of the clip to suit your own preference.

This handy product can be used to make the standard slim head on your indicator bigger and heavier. You can simply unscrew the clip from your indicator, slide the Fat Head over the slim one, and then screw the clip back on! Actual Size. They are perfect for those anglers that want to create a very light bobbin for slack line fishing and that appreciate the minimal look.

The Micro Head is now also available in Fox orange too. This is the same clip that we used on our old Corelite indicators that proved so popular for many years. The collar on this more traditional style of clip can be adjusted allowing you to set the tension you prefer. This is the same hockey stick as used on our old Corelite bite indicators and is constructed from hardwearing injection moulded plastic.

Supplied in packets of two, these Fat Weights weigh 15g each and are designed for you to add to your Fat Head Converter heads should you want to make a very heavy indicator head. Featuring a hardwearing black anodised finish these too complement the Black Label bankware range beautifully. Again supplied two in a packet, these 5g weights are designed for you to increase the weight of your slim heads that come supplied with the Bobbin and Slik Bobbin.

Featuring a hardwearing black anodised finish they complement the Black Label bankware range. If you want to fish with Zig Rigs, tight lines at range or tight up against snags then this arm is a must have.

Featuring pivots at both ends, it is an incredibly sensitive style of indicator that is a true all-rounder. Due to the lightness of the Dacron cord it is very suited to slack line fishing with a light bobbin head.

It now features a Fixed Line Gate system that holds your line up until the moment you lift the rod from the alarm. An 80g weight and spring-loaded tensioning system enables it to cope with ultra long range fishing as well as short to medium range work and it loads up to the equivalent of almost 6oz g for ultra long range work yet is capable of being set at zero loading for slack lining.

There is a handy Betalight slot on the head and the head is also made from a light reactive acrylic should you wish your indicators to have a subtle glow at night. The Euro MK2 Swinger then illuminates when the alarm is activated giving very visual bite indication — especially at night. Also, when this indicator is used in conjunction with bite alarms that are fitted with a drop back differentiation facility, the head will flash.

Set 3 Rod all blue. Designed to be more suited to short-medium range fishing, the MK3 features a 50g sliding weight that allows you to adjust the tension should your tactics change. The MK3 features the Line Gate system, but this has been re-designed so that it is now in a fixed position. Benefitting from all of the same great features as the standard MK3 Swingers these special Black Label editions have a purple head combined with black arm and weight for anglers that prefer that more subtle look.

One of the neatest swing arm indicators on the market, the Micro Swinger has been specifically designed for lovers of compact indicators and features a re-styled head and low friction gate. Line There is little point in spending large sums of money on tackle items such as rods, alarms , bivvies, boats and reels only to spool those lovely new reels with poor quality line.

Here at Fox we believe that your main line is one of the most important tackle items you will ever purchase and therefore we are dedicated to offering you the very best value for money.

Due to our access to the very latest cutting edge technology we are proud to offer, what we believe is the best monofilaments, braids and fluorocarbons on the market at top value prices Within the Fox range of lines all bases are covered so you will find super-supple, low diameter casting monofilaments, fast sinking, highly-invisible fluorocarbon, ultra-tough abrasion resistant monos, neutral buoyancy, low-vis floater fishing line, plus low-diameter top quality braids.

In addition there are lines with in-built leaders, plus dedicated braids for both spod and marker work. To show our commitment to offering you the best line on the market we were one of the first signatories of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association EFTTA Line Charter, which commits us to making sure all of our lines are labelled and tested accurately and conform to the very highest industry standards. Great abrasion resistance considering low diameter Sinks surprisingly well for such a supple line Low-vis green blends in very well on lakebed Great knot strength and low memory Supplied on bulk spools.

Starting at a very strong 35lb 0. Perfect for distance casting Can achieve casts in excess of m! Double taper means the line can be reversed giving you greater value for money Very supple yet highly abrasion resistant Low-vis green blends in very well on lakebed Great knot strength and low memory Supplied on m spools.

For the first time ever the Camo Soft Steel is available in two different options — Light Camo and Dark Camo, which keeps in line with our revolutionary Edges products that feature the same colour break technology. Very supple, low diameter making it perfect casting Highly abrasion resistant Colour break camouflage makes it very hard to spot on lakebed. Warrior XT is that good it is used regularly by many of our top consultants and despite its low price tag it performs fantastically in all departments.

The perfect all-rounder Very strong yet surprisingly easy to work with Ultra high knot strength and abrasion resistance Low visibility in water Controlled stretch factor Available in Green or Brown. Following a full summer of testing in our Surface main line was launched in the summer of to huge acclaim. Neutral buoyancy Low diameter and low visibility Ultra-supple for easy casting Very discreet when lying on waters surface Great abrasion resistance and tough knot strength Supplied on m spools.

Not only is the line invisible when lying flush to the lakebed but unlike other makes of fluoro it also remains invisible when off the lakebed and through the water column. Super-supple for smooth casting and following lakebed contours Extremely fast sinking Low stretch Invisible when in water Highly abrasion resistant Top quality knot strength Supplied on m spools m bulk spools also available.

This brand-new Lo-Vis green braid has been designed specifically for feature finding and marker float work. This Submerge is tough as old boots making it the perfect main line choice for extremely snaggy situations. Fast sinking Low diameter and very supple for casting performance Supple nature helps it to hug lakebed contours Highly abrasion resistant Virtually zero stretch Perfect for snaggy and weedy venues Available in m and m spools.

In recognition of this fact our product development team have spent countless hours researching and designing specific storage solutions for your rigs and terminal tackle items. Back in the days before we launched the original Fox tackle box, the storing of terminal tackle items was an unorganised affair and often involved anglers having to buy boxes designed for storing tools from DIY stores!

Over the years this storage system has evolved under the F-Box banner and has been re-designed and upgraded with handy improvements. These features include rubber seals, non-mix compartments, super-strong hinges, reliable side closures and practical ergonomic styling.

In addition to the F-box range we have two tackle box systems under the Royale banner. Both of these items prove very popular with anglers on tight budgets that still want excellent value for money. In addition to needing storage solutions for terminal tackle items and tools we understand that the modern angler requires storage solutions for tied up rigs too. Again by being able to arrive at a venue with a host of rigs already pre-tied and organised can only help you to catch more fish F Boxes include all of the same features as the F Box Deluxe but are supplied without additional storage boxes so you can tailor storage to your own individual requirements.

We offer a vast array of tailor-made Compartment Box options for storing all of your accessories and all of them have been designed with non-mix dividers in a variety of sizes to offer a neat and compact storage solution for everything from baiting needles to rig swivels.

The F Box range also includes extra accessories to make your life more organised and to protect your end tackle including Rig Boards, Line Dispensers and Rig Storage Boxes. The box contains 4 System Rig Boards which stack together neatly to carry up to 80 rigs or ready-made leaders.

From the outside this may look similar to other rig storage devices, however, once you open it you will find that it has the capacity to store nearly twice as many rigs compared to items of similar proportions! This is designed to allow you to wind and store long rigs such as Zigs and floater fishing hooklinks around it.

Rounded ends on middle section maintain curvature in tubing and allow Zig Rigs to be wrapped around Rigs not included. There are 5 individual profiled EVA foam discs, each of which has special grooves for three rigs; although more rigs could be added should you wish. The discs can be removed from the central bar and have a circumference of 1ft 30cm , which makes it very easy to tie the perfect length Zig every time. Simply place the hook into the foam recess and then wind the hooklink around the disc until you have your chosen length, then tie a figure-of-eight loop in the end of the rig and hold it in position with one of the supplied rig pins!

Accessories We think it would be fair to say that in recent years the popularity of our vast range of accessories has grown far beyond our wildest dreams. The sheer volume of anglers now fishing and being successful with our Edges range of terminal tackle fills us with great pride, as this range in particular has taken hundreds of hours of research, development and testing to get right.

In addition to the Edges range, which has grown substantially for the catalogue, we have a whole host of other accessories to share with you over the coming pages. Items such as PVA, baiting devices, Zig Rig kit, suface fishing items, hooks, leads and marker floats are all awaiting you in this section. Despite this range of accessories being so vast and diverse, every single one shares one common attribute — they have been designed by anglers for anglers to perform at the levels that anglers need!

We also have one of the most comprehensive ranges of fishing accessories you are likely to ever find. Each and every one of those accessories has been purposely designed to make your fishing easier and more productive. Our in-house CAD engineers work very closely with both our product development team and consultants on the bank to design the very best and most innovative accessory creations around. Thread the second half of the Chod Bead on.

This will grip the line very tightly so add saliva to the line first. Only thing I have confidence on tackling the mighty Stoneacres.. Take the swivel of your chosen lead min. Your lead is now locked in position for the cast but once the PVA melts it will be able to eject. Top bit of kit!! Perfect for a host of rig applications Anti-glare finish Available in two size — 7 and 10 20 swivels per packet. Three cm lengths of Edges Trans Khaki Anti Tangle Tubing All three leaders have Trans Khaki Lead Clip and Tail Rubber in place Supplied with two swivel options — 3 x standard and 3 x Kwik Change Perfect for venues where leaders are banned Allows you to loop-to-loop straight to the swivel on one of our ready-tied rigs.

Thanks to the Zig Aligna concept this style of fishing is easier to master than ever before The shape of the Zig Aligna combined with a foam insert very much replicates the shape of a nymph with a thin curved body and a big head.

It is perhaps fair to say that the Arma Points have a reputation for being the strongest, sharpest, most durable and most reliable hooks on the market at present, which has made them the number one choice of the very best carp anglers in the world! The strength and sharpness is thanks to the special tempering process that we use which also hardens them meaning they will last much longer. We have also given the hooks a non-reflective coating that assists their underwater camouflage properties and also prevents rusting.

Tied to exacting standards and using only top quality Fox components Amazing hooks! If you like a classic longshank pattern then the Kuro S1 could well be perfect for you.

It has an inturned eye and a straight point making it ideal for bottom baits, blowback rigs and for use with line aligners. The S3 features a slightly curved, short shank with a straight point and inturned eye to help maximise its hooking efficiency. The S3 is incredibly versatile, lending itself to a host of rig applications. For in-depth mix tips and audio demonstrations relating to this project, check out the January Cambridge-MT Patrons Podcast. Support the choir here. For in-depth mix tips and audio demonstrations relating to this project, check out the August Cambridge-MT Patrons Podcast.

Recording and mixing by Giovanni Gramegna. Support the artist here and here. For in-depth mix tips and audio demonstrations relating to this project, check out the July Cambridge-MT Patrons Podcast. Many thanks to Callum McGee Productions and the orchestra for contributing these multitracks. Many thanks to engineer Bill Rowse and the band for contributing these multitracks! This song was mixed by Damage Audio.

Support the artist here , here and here. Many thanks to Grammy-nominated producer Stefano Amerio of Artesuono Recording Studio for contributing these multitracks.

For in-depth mix tips and audio demonstrations relating to this project, check out the December Cambridge-MT Patrons Podcast. Full details of the small-studio location recording setup used for this song can be found here. Recording, mixing, and mastering by Daniele Cestaro.

For in-depth mix tips and audio demonstrations relating to this project, check out the February Cambridge-MT Patrons Podcast. Support Lektrix by clicking here. Support Ornery by clicking here. Featuring lyrics by Florian Habicht and vocals by Mardi Potter. Originally released as part of the Woodenhead original film soundtrack. Many thanks to Arthur Walwin and the band for contributing these multitracks, which were used as the basis of this Mixoff. Check out the album here.

Many thanks to the band for contributing these multitracks. For in-depth mix tips and audio demonstrations relating to this project, check out the September Cambridge-MT Patrons Podcast.

Many thanks to the artist for contributing these multitracks. Many thanks to Audio Issues for contributing these multitracks. Many thanks to Arthur Walwin and the band for contributing these multitracks. For in-depth mix tips and audio demonstrations relating to this project, check out the March Cambridge-MT Patrons Podcast.

This project features not only the final lead-vocal track, but also all the raw sung takes from which it was compiled, so it makes excellent vocal-comping practice. This project features a few submixed vocal tracks for easier mixing, but also includes all the constituent vocal takes for comping or re-arrangement practice. It also has a pretty fun video! Many thanks to Discussion Zone member Marc Gosselin for contributing these multitracks.

Many thanks to the staff and students of CEF Mallorca for contributing these multitracks. You can download Mike\’s full Steinberg Cubase mix project for this multitrack here. Marcus has also kindly made all the tracks for his Transatlantic Funk Unit album Departure available for mastering students, so you can practice working on a full-length album project.

This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. Read more! An experiment in mixing by template. Is there anything I can I do? The most crucial feature of Neve\’s new 88M interface. Direct Stategies: Hack Some Sevenths. Mixes Full Preview MP3. Alejo Granados Afrocolombian Folk Instrumental.

Andrew Cole Acoustic Folk-Pop. Mozart\’s \’Piano Concerto No. Angela Thomas Wade Country. Anna Blanton Acoustic Country Pop. Araujo Jazz. Contemporary Bluegrass. Brahms\’ \’Hungarian Dance No. Camilla Francesca Bull Classical Opera. Colebrook Road Bluegrass. David Crosby Folk Americana. C\’ Album Selection. Ethan Winer Overdubbed Orchestral Recording. H-owl Project Jazz Trio. Jade Safirah Brazilian Folk. James May Acoustic Singer-Songwriter. Jeffrey Hayat Adventure Film Orchestral. Jesper Buhl Trio Acoustic Jazz.

Jesse Joy Fingerstyle Acoustic Folk. Joanna Ward Modern Classical. The Lonely Wild Indie Folk. The Long Wait Country Rock. Lorenzo Price Cool Jazz Fusion. Maurizio Pagnutti Sextet Acoustic Jazz. Mirroman A Capella Duo. Nikola Stajic feat. Pawel Maciwoda Smooth Jazz. Pretty Saro Bluegrass. Primakova Folk Rock. Rod Alexander Guitar Instrumental.

Pachebel\’s \’Canon\’ Forum: Mixing. Rovers Ahead Celtic Folk Punk. Selwyn Jazz Big-Band Jazz. Simon Lyn Atmospheric String Textures. Spektakulatius Various Styles. Swing Bazar Gypsy Jazz.

Timo Carlier Acoustic Singer-Songwriter.

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