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Successful candidates will have a fundamental understanding of the PowerPoint environment and demonstrate the correct application of PowerPoint Candidates create, edit, and enhance presentations and slide shows. Presentation examples include professional-grade sales presentations, employee training, instructional materials, and kiosk slide shows. Related exams: none.

Important: See details. Retirement date: none. Price based on the country or region in which the exam is proctored. All objectives of the exam are covered in depth so you\’ll be ready for any question on the exam. Download exam skills outline. Learning paths or modules are not yet available for this exam. No current courses available for this exam. This certification demonstrates that you have the skills needed to get the most out of Office by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist MOS certification in a specific Office program.

This certification demonstrates that you have the deepest level of skills needed to proficiently use Office programs by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist Master certification. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Pricing does not include applicable taxes. Please confirm exact pricing with the exam provider before registering to take an exam.

After the retirement date, please refer to the related certification for exam requirements. English System Req. Add to Cart Checkout. Create a Presentation. Insert and Format Slides. Modify Slides, Handout, and Notes. Order and Group Slides. Change Presentation Options and Views. Configure a Presentation for Print. Configure and Present a Slide Show. Insert and Format Text, Shapes, and Images.

Insert and Format Text. Insert and Format Shapes and Text Boxes. Insert and Format Images. Order and Group Objects. Insert and Format Tables. Insert and Format Charts. Insert and Format SmartArt graphics. Insert and Manage Media. Apply Transitions and Animations.

Apply Slide Content. Animate Slide Content. Set Timing for Transitions and Animations. Manage Multiple Presentations. Merge Content from Multiple Presentations. Finalize Presentations. Features and Benefits.

Practice test experience prepares you for the real exam and builds your knowledge of exam objectives. Detailed explanations for both correct and distractor answers reinforce the material. Practice Mode covers all objectives ensuring topics are covered. Instant, drill-down score reports tell you exactly the areas to focus on. Additional related Web references included. Test-Pass Guarantee. MeasureUp offers recommended exam preparation guidelines First, use the practice test in Practice Mode to access questions, answers explanations and reference materials.

Leverage the remediation to additional learning materials to maximize study effectiveness.



[Microsoft powerpoint 2016 test free

Free Microsoft Powerpoint test and online pre-employment test. Microsoft Powerpoint skills assessment. Microsoft Powerpoint. Start free test. Take this Microsoft PowerPoint exam quiz to see how well you know some PowerPoint basics. Content in this quiz was excerpted from Training.


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