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Follow the steps below:. But tracking changes to Group Policy can be difficult because security logs cannot give you full picture of exact which setting was changed and how.


Top 10 Most Important Group Policy Settings for Preventing Security Breaches


Last Updated on June 23, by Satyendra. There are some simple Group Policy Settings, which if appropriately configured, can help to prevent data breaches. You can make your organizational network safer by configuring the security and operational behavior of computers through Group Policy a group of settings in the computer registry.

Through Group Policy, you can prevent users from accessing specific resources, run scripts, and perform simple tasks such as forcing a particular home page to open for every user in the network. Through Control Panel, you can control all aspects of your computer. So, by moderating who has access to the computer, you can keep data and other resources safe.

Perform the following steps:. The LM hash is weak and prone to hacking. Therefore, you should prevent Windows from storing an LM hash of your passwords. Perform the following steps to do so:. Command Prompts can be used to run commands that give high-level access to users and evade other restrictions on the system. After you have disabled Command Prompt and someone tries to open a command window, the system will display a message stating that some settings are preventing this action. Figure 3: Prevent access to the command prompt window.

Forced system restarts are common. You can use Group Policy settings to permanently disable these forced restarts. There are many ways you can block users from installing new software on their system. Doing this reduces maintenance work and helps avoid the cleanup required when something bad is installed.

NTLM is used for computers that are members of a workgroup and local authentication. NTLM has a lot of known vulnerabilities and uses weaker cryptography, so it is very vulnerable to brute-force attacks.

You should disable NTLM authentication in your network using Group Policy to allow only Kerberos authentication, but first ensure that both Microsoft and third-party applications in your network do not require NTLM authentication.

Please note that it is recommended to turn JavaScript on for proper working of the Netwrix website. We care about security of your data. Privacy Policy. Group Policy design best practices Group Policy is a series of settings in the Windows registry that control security, auditing and other operational behaviors.

However, even for the policies listed above, it is better to use separate GPOs. Add comments to your GPOs In addition to creating good names, you should add comments to each GPO explaining why it was created, its purpose and what settings it contains. Do not set GPOs at the domain level Each Group Policy object that is set at the domain level will be applied to all user and computer objects. Implement change management for Group Policy Group Policy can get out of control if you let all your administrators make changes as they feel necessary.

Avoid using blocking policy inheritance and policy enforcement If you have a good OU structure, then you can most likely avoid using blocking policy inheritance and policy enforcement. Speed GPO processing by disabling unused computer and user configurations If you have a GPO that has computer settings but no user settings, you should disable the User configuration for that GPO to improve Group Policy processing performance at systems logon.

Here are some other factors that can cause slow startup and logon times: Login scripts downloading large files Startup scripts downloading large files Mapping home drives that are far away Deploying huge printer drivers over Group Policy preferences Overuse of Group Policy filtering by AD group membership Using excessive Windows Management Instrumentation WMI filters see the next section for more information User personal folders applied via GPO Avoid using a lot of WMI filters WMI contains a huge number of classes with which you can describe almost any user and computer settings.

Use loopback processing for specific use cases Loopback processing limits user settings to the computer that the GPO is applied to. Back up your Group Policies Configure daily or weekly backup of policies using Power Shell scripting or a third-party solution so that in case of configuration errors, you can always restore your settings. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

I think they want us all to us Linux on our next builds.. In short, you sir are a GOD and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this the fact they did not allow group policy edit for windows 10 home tells you alone they do NOT want people stopping their bloat ware and again man I just cannot say thank you enough!

The installation works well. It is possible to open Group Policy Editor but there are no options. It happens the same to me. It redirects me to your homepage, without any download. It redirects me to your homepage. Would be greatful for any assistance. The link is still not downloading a file. Goes to a page with a lot of cumulative downloads, nothing on gpedit. Hi Bill, sorry for inconvenience. We have updated the link structure. Now the downloads are working. Hey, thank you for that update.

In the meantime, I found a registry hack that fixed this for me, but I appreciate your taking the time to update this link! Very annoying! I dragged it to my desktop for easy access. The batch file method worked for me. Running Win 10 Home 64bit. Thanks friend! Worked like a charm. Hopefully the Microsoft update October that is wiping user profiles will not affect my machine!

Did not work nor did the other batch file…I have win 10 ver How can i fix? Great and simple. I found other methods described, they were either very complex or required to download exe-Files from unknown locations which is a risk. The batch file can be checked and contains nothoing that I would mistrust. Nope not working for me. Hi, Thank you for your very detailed instructions. I should have stopped playing with computers a decade or two ago.

I was unable to show you a screen clip of the group editor screen that I was successful in enabling because I was unable to make this text-entry box accept a screen capture image.

Those settings are controlled by Group Policy. Nothing worked. How to change group policy for non-administrators So if you do want normal users to be able to access the greyed out settings I recommend you follow the following tutorial:. Open the Start Menu, type mmc. Thank you for your instructions. This method worked and I am now able to open gpedit. Now do I have to undo the changes I made in the first method, ie: deleting the 3 files from system 32 folder, restoring the two bat files in the temp folder, and so on?

Or can I just leave them? Will they interfere with anything? Thanks for all your help! I wanted this because I hated having to close everything down all the time when I was going to be away from the computer for a period of time, and then have to start everything back up again.

But I wanted it so that my computer was secure and so that nobody could get into my files, and so this is what I found to do.. I want to set the sektopbackground, but the is no effect. Is there something I made wrong. Best regards Lothar Freihoff. Point 4 works only as administrator else normal user account flags Access Denied! Should be mentioned there. You saved my life! Thank you so much!

Thanks allot, it is working with me but after changing the RDP setting on the remote server, win10 updated , Regards,. Worked for me. The only problem I have is their is no User configuration snap in. All snap ins are their Except the one I need. I can run gpedit. But change of gpedit. Thanks a lot itechtics.

It works well in my Lenovo ideapad laptop running windows 10 home!!! Hi Christine! The ensuing URL may be of some help! Any ideas.

Thank you for the excellent program script , it has been very helpful for me to be able to help a customer lock down the numerous default security holes in Win10 Home; very much appreciated.

Hi i am from Pakistan, i want to say it worked for me, my lappy wasnt working because of an update, now its ok, bye bye. The fdeploy. I tried to use install. Simply tried to enable policies to not show recently used items or start menu recent programs. This file contains just a simple command to activate Group Policy Editor in Windows. If you are not sure, you may open the file in Notepad and copy and paste the contents in PowerShell. The commands it runs are only able to enable features that are built into windows.

This works flawlessly.. Was I supposed to do anything after I ran gpedit. The article did not say. Does it do what I need just by running it.


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