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MindManager Enterp Mindjet MindManager Enterprise mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free. PDF 1. View manual Ask a question. Здесь page Next page. Page: 4 Table of Contents iv Create a simple outline Page: 6 Table of Contents vi Manage markers What do you want to do? MindManager 15 integrates with the bit version mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free Microsoft Office.

Want to know about compatibility with earlier versions? MindManager Mapping Features Frames and Quick Add tabs The new Quick Add tabs on the topic mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free lets you quickly add new topics to topics, callouts, and boundaries with the click of a mouse.

Click on a topic Quick Add tab to add a parent topic, topics at the same level siblings or subtopics children. Click on a callout Quick Add tab to add subtopics children topics. Click on the boundary Quick Add tab to add callout topics. These new maps parts will help let you quickly create maps to define and manage projects, analyze your business facilitate mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free, and help you be more productive.

By default, Map Parts are now presented in list view instead of thumbnail view. New Images New hand-drawn images are available in the image gallery. Templates It\’s mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free easier to find and use templates.

The newly-designed New Templates возьмёш? google hangout download windows 10 просто offers Mindjet- created templates in subject folders, as well online templates and a set of blank templates in four different layouts org-chart, radial map, right map, and tree map. Click a template to get a preview; mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free click to open it immediately. You can also create and save your own templates in My Templates. This will shift all the tasks in the project earlier or later depending on the new date.

Manage Slack Time Tighten up project timing by compressing the slack time between dependent tasks. Slack also called float mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free the amount of time a task can slip before it affects another dependent task. Or, right-click on a task in the Gantt chart and choose Remove Slack Time. Presentations and Slides Create slides automatically when you Export to PowerPoint—without previously assigning any slides. This new menu mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free found in both the Presentation and Slides menus will generate a set of slides for the whole map.

If a topic has an image on it, a slide will be created and the image exported to PowerPoint. Adjust slide content using windows 10 iot enterprise build version free new Slides view feature mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free unpinning slide boundaries.

Unpin the boundary, then re-size and orient the content to optimize the slide\’s display. Compatibility with earlier versions MindManager can read maps from MindManager X5 through MindManager 14 without any changes to the maps. No special procedure is needed to open maps from these earlier versions, but if you used any custom add-ins from third-party vendors on your maps, you will need to get updated versions of these to use.

Getting started with MindManager What do you want to do? Page: 10 MindManager User Guide 3 MindManager lets you capture ideas and information visually, organize them and then create an action plan. You can analyze a problem, brainstorm a solution or plan a complex project. Mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free Tour of MindManager To learn more about using MindManager, take the interactive tour by doing one of the following. On the Help tab, click Tutorial. Or On the File tab, click Help, then click Tutorial.

Enter my license key When you start MindManager, you are prompted to enter your license key, or you can enter it at any time by clicking the File tab, Help, and then License Key. Trial mode Before you enter a valid license key, you can run MindManager for 30 days. This is known as Trial mode. MindManager is fully-functional in this mode. Viewer mode When the Trial Mode period ends, you will be given the option to purchase the software, or continue to use the full источник by entering your license key.

If you. You cannot save modifications to maps or create new maps. No existing files or maps are harmed when MindManager changes to Viewer mode. After you enter your license key, MindManager will return to full functionality. Purchase a License Key If you downloaded the trial version, you can purchase a license key online. On the Help tab Product group click Purchase. You will be directed to the Mindjet web site where you can purchase a license.

Page: 12 MindManager User Guide 5 key. You will receive an email message containing the key. How can I tell whether I\’ve already entered my license key? Your license information appears at the right side of the screen. Having problems? For troubleshooting information, visit the Support section of the Mindjet Web site. When you start MindManager, you are prompted to enter your license key, or you can enter it at any time by clicking the File tab, Help, and then License Key.

You will be directed to the Mindjet web site where you can purchase a license key. MindManager interface and ribbons What do you want to do? The Interface Customize the ribbon Customize. This window opens when you start MindManager. MindManager also offers several other views for working with your maps. Read mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free about using these features here. Page: 15 Welcome to MindManager 8 Cleaner and easier to use, the new Home tab provides everything you need to get started mapping with MindManager: The Insert Tab Like the reorganized Home tab, the Insert tab has fewer items—but all the ones you\’ll frequently want to add to your map.

Mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free Task Tab The Task tab collects all possible task actions, all in one place. The Design Tab Need to change the way the map looks? It\’s on the Design tab.

The Advanced Tab. You\’ll find expanded options on the Advanced tab. The Review Tab All the review tools you\’ll need are there on the Review tab. The Help Tab Need help? Want to take the one-minute tutorial?

Looking for keyboard shortcuts—it\’s all on the Help tab. Top of Page Help resources What do you want to do? It also give you the ability to provide feedback on this Help system directly to Mindjet mindmanager 2017 anleitung free. In environments without Internet access, your administrator may disable this option, and you will use local help by default. Как сообщается здесь advantages of using online Help The online Help file provides the most current Help information available, and includes additional content that is only available online.

In most dialogs, this will display the related Help topic. Other resources Consult the File tab\’s Help pane for other resources like an interactive tour of the product and animated tutorials that show how to use MindManager for specific tasks. Page: 19 12 Add Content to Maps What is a map—and how do you use all those topics? Maps offer a way to aggregate and visualize information and relationships. The basic building-blocks of a map are map topics. Create a new map Create new topics Paste or import content Edit topics Reorganize topics Central topic The main theme or title of your map.

When you create a жмите, this will be the first Topic created and you will build the map from this one. Main topics The major ideas that make up the theme. Create them by selecting the central topic, then clicking New Subtopic. Subtopics Details about a topic.

Create them by selecting a main topic and clicking New Subtopic.


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MindManager Enterp Application Version 3. In this More information. You can select topics and objects on your map in Map View or Outline View directly using the mouse and keyboard or by using the Select command options.


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After a short pause, the Map Part will be populated with links to the files or folders on your system.


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