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It is as follows:. So, if you are good with the current version of the Windows then you can reclaim a considerable amount of space by simply deleting Windows BT and Windows WS folders. In fact, in my case, I claimed back nearly 35GB space. If you are good with that then proceed with the below steps.

To be safe, create a system restore point before making changes. Being system folders, you need to use the Disk Cleanup tool. Open Disk Clean-up tool by searching for it in the start menu. A dialog box of Disk Cleanup will open. Select the options and click OK and let it remove those in the background. Note: According to Microsoft, it is recommended that you must keep this folder, these folders are necessary to roll back to previous windows.

For that scan your computer daily to keep the problem away. Try the PC Repair Tool. This tool is user-interface and easy to handle. When they don\’t work, they leave a mess behind that is impossible to clean up. Again I have to ask, w ho is the genius that decided it was a good idea to create temporary files that cannot be accessed by the administrator account? As someone who used to write systems-level code, had that person been working for me, they would have been fired. But lets move on to some of the ridiculous mess the failed Windows update left behind.

After a delete of the entire folder failed for access violations, I went in and took ownership of the entire folder under my Administrator account.

This was a difficult process to figure out and time consuming as tens of thousands of files had their ownership properties changed. That is where I encountered the following:. Wait, this is a temp folder. How can any files be in use there?

There were dozens upon dozens of these problems. See a few more examples below:. I even got a in-use error for a file that is part of software I wrote! I guess the upgrade process copies files from your current installation into the temp folder in prep for the upgrade.

After a few rounds of checking that those files-in-use actually existed where they belonged outside the temp folder, checking that the registry correctly pointed to the right location and not the temp folder, and then finally stopping the affected program or service and deleting the files, I got tired of that game. But wait, there\’s more! When I booted back into Windows and tried to empty the recycle bin for files that had been deleted the \”normal\” way, there were additional problems.

See the screen shot below:. These have already been deleted. There should be no need to provide additional permissions to empty the recycle bin. The average user won\’t have the technical chops to solve this problem.

Indeed, the Level 2 techs more than one of them who called back from Windows Support didn\’t have the chops to solve the problem either. After I waited a couple of days for a Level 2 tech to \”check his sources\” and get back to me with a solution, I gave up and spent way too much time figuring out how to do it myself. There is no excuse for any of this – the lack of Administrator permissions in the temp folder, Windows inappropriately thinking it has an identically named system file open in a temp folder, and requiring permissions to delete items already in the recycle bin.

Also inexcusable: Level 2 techs who cannot solve what is obviously a wide-spread problem. I would post this issue in Feedback Hub, but that is a fool\’s errand. I\’m not even sure what I\’d call this post, and the problem is so tech-nerdy that it will never get an upvote, thus the issue will never get seen nor fixed going that route. Instead of asking useless questions or suggesting \”solutions\” that you would have known do not work had you investigated, perhaps you could be useful by kicking this problem upstairs so that it actually gets fixed.

Yeah, I\’m disgusted with Microsoft. I didn\’t do anything a normal user wouldn\’t have done, and in so doing, I wound up with a problem even your Level 2 techs couldn\’t solve. That is a problem which needs to be corrected. If you experience problems removing the content in the folder, review the post of Ferdz Amp for instructions on how to take ownership of a folder on this thread.

I also suggest that you try to delete the files in Safe mode. Refer to this link on how to start your PC in safe mode in Windows That said, the particular issue of being unable to delete certain files or folders in Windows even as an Administrator by selecting and pressing delete is not new, although the very particular version explained here in attempting to remove those specific files may be unexpected for most.

The reason the administrator cannot clear the contents from Program Files from even the recycle bin, is because the Program Files folders are system folders,, meaning the system owns them, not the user. Deleting them from a PB environment has zero effect on the permissions of those files, so they are still tagged the same way even after they are moved to the recycle bin in a PB Environment.

That is why the system is still requesting administrative permissions to delete those files. The change in default ownership of the Program Files folders specifically to System however, occurred in with Windows 8, approximately six years ago.

In regards to the 10GBGB of space, you will get it back automatically after the default delay period elapses as part of the standard Windows Update process in Windows 10, which if my memory serves is either 60 or 90 days. After that period of time elapses, Microsoft considers the probability very low that any issues due to that update will occur, and automatically deletes those files itself.

Those files are what Windows uses to revert the installation to its\’ previous version any time there are errors that cause the device to be unusable. That is not the update, but rather is the backup of your known-good configuration when the system attempts to update, which as mentioned above, is why it is automatically retained for a set period, and then automatically deleted after that time period elapses.


Remove $windows. bt windows 10 free download


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Remove $windows. bt windows 10 free download


Unwanted files and folders can affect the system performance, according to professionals a clean and clear system drive can help any computer to work efficiently.

These folders are actually temporary folders created by Windows, during the upgrading process. These folders are in a hidden state, and you have to change the folder options to see them. Go to the File Explorerunder View tab, check Show hidden files checkbox. When any user tries to upgrade their Windows from 1/3724.txt Update to Fall Creators updatesuch folders are created automatically with the files relating to the previous version of Источник installation.

It is as follows:. However, deleting these folders can be remove $windows. bt windows 10 free download using a disk cleanup or Windows security option. Below are the full steps are given to delete these folders by applying the two options. Remove $windows. bt windows 10 free download, go through them and clean up your Windows.

But before remove $windows. bt windows 10 free download, create a system restore point just to be on a safe side. A dialog box of Disk Cleanup will open. Select the options and click OK and let it remove those in the background. Note: According to Microsoft, it is recommended that you must keep this folder, these folders are necessary to roll back to previous windows.

For that scan your computer daily to keep the problem away. Try the PC Repair Tool. This tool is user-interface and easy to handle. You just need to scan your PC it will automatically detect the error and solves it.

It will optimize the performance of your Windows and protect it in the future from problems. Always up to help others with their PC-related issues, Jack loves to write on subjects such as Windows 10, Xbox, and numerous technical things. Vikash Singh.


$WINDOWS.~BT Folder – Microsoft Community – It\’s not hard to remove, but do you really need to?

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