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Video4YouTube is a free plug-in for Sony Vegas Pro, which helps editors to create and upload videos to YouTube, the most popular video sharing website in the automatically determines the best render settings depending on the current project template. Every day, hundreds of people use our software to upload their videos to YouTube. Sep 17,  · Sony Vegas Pro 12 Crashes while rendering: Sony Vegas 14/15 stabilizator crashing: Sony Vegas Pro Rendering Problems: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crashing while rendering. BSOD While Rendering Videos in Sony Vegas: OBS and Vegas Settings: Sony Vegas Pro 12 Rendered Video Lagging Every Few Seconds! (Dropping!) Help with render settings. The Sony AVC is indeed quite a bit faster than MainConcept but the difference with quality is noticeable when rendering 60 fps material. For p30 Sony AVC is imo better option for YouTube (p30 30min for me takes with Sony AVC around 20 minutes with i7 , p60 usually around times the length of the video).


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The Community Spotlight is a monthly competition for smaller creators in our community to get a chance to get their channels featured on this subreddit for an entire month.

This month\’s winner is a creator that entered with a modest subscribers, and an active member of our community. They submitted the video 30 Days of Diabotical where they keep a record of picking up Diabotical and playing it over the span of a month compacted into 13 minutes. There\’s some really clean editing, some really great commentary, and plenty of fun moments. Is there anything or other templates that is available to speed up the rendering times while keeping a good quality to the video?

I know that some videos online suggest using Sony AVC istead of mainconcept, but i\’ve read that they take usually the same amount.

Your vid is almost as long as two actual movies, rendering\’s gonna take a while whatever you do. Yeah, though I know there is faster render settings in vegas that will decrease it even by an hour or so would be nice. Vegas doesn\’t support CUDA for any modern graphics cards or drivers for that matter. It\’s really badly maintained, which is probably then why they sold it all to Magix. Well I have some problem with encoding time, in example render with x codec video p 60fps, 20 min, 8kk bitrate it take like 6 hours!!

Encoding in Sony yuv lossless the same video p 60fps 20 min only take 25 minutes but of course with a ton of GB , so I have to dicrease size , for that I use a software called Xmedia recode, this software have nvidia hvenc support, so only take 18 minutes to created a small file ready to upload to youtube. The Sony AVC is indeed quite a bit faster than MainConcept but the difference with quality is noticeable when rendering 60 fps material.

But I\’d say just test around and see for yourself what is more important to you, fast production or slightly better video quality.

The viewer probably will notice slight change in quality but in the end won\’t necessary pay too much attention to it except at p60, at that resolution definitely go with MainConcept just to keep image crisp and clear 😀 unless you explicitly mention it.

I\’m assuming in terms of explaining to a dummy, is that it\’ll not have to reencode as much or something like that? Oh sorry, was little misworded on my part. What I meant was if you have good upload speeds then the file size of the video really doesn\’t matter as much.

Also when you are rendering with the faster Sony AVC you need higher video bit rate to get similar video quality compared to the MainConcept. And when you render with the faster codec with higher bit rate you can get the video uploaded to the YouTube.

Then comes the uploading but as the file size is lower it takes likely less than 10 minutes for me. So overall time comes higher since the render times play such a big role here. Though if you have slower connection then rendering with MainConcept to get smaller file size likely is more worth it.

Hmm, I wonder how you get lower render times than me, unless you have a better CPU. Since it seems like your render time at least 2x of video length, while mine is 3x. Well the render times I presented might not be the most accurate but overall they have never been 3 times the video length if I recall correctly. More realistic probably would be I do have a more powerful GPU GTX but that shouldn\’t affect too much since the Vegas 13 doesn\’t utilize my gpu too much just like in your case.

Do you render to a different drive instead of having source and output in same space? You\’ll have to play around with the different encoders that Sony Vegas has and compare the balance between quality, filesize and time to render.

Best settings out there, I Promise! Also, you should try and have shorter videos because you can render more than 1 at a time, if you click sony vegas 4 times it opens 2. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. I would be doing CUDA rendering if sony vegas actually supported my card. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account.

Otherwise might try a different program that supports GPU rendering :[. Those render times sound about right, and I doubt you can decrease them much.

Why would having a higher bitrate making the rendering faster, does it actually?


Sony vegas pro 12 fastest render settings free download

I got this problem too! Video noise reduction. How to add animated text in sony vegas Requires iOS 8. Manage your rendering time properly by selection proper transitions, layers and effects so that videos can run smoothly on your software program.


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