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Microsoft has released the second SCCM version for SCCM has been released on April 8th, Thank you current branch naming. SCCM is not a baseline version. You must run the opt-in script to see it iyarget in the console. Keeping your infrastructure up to date is essential and recommended. You will benefit from the new features and fixes, which some of them can apply to your environment. SCCM includes fewer new features and enhancements than its predecessors.

There are still new features that touch site infrastructure, content management, client management, нажмите чтобы узнать больше, application management, operating system deployment, software updates, wkndows, and configuration manager console.

Ensure to apply this update before you fall into an unsupported SCCM version. Read about the support end date of the prior version of the following Technet article. Older SCCM version was giving a warning during the Prerequisite check but is giving an error that prevents the installation from continuing. Plan to upgrade database servers in your environment, including SQL Server Express at secondary windows 10 1703 download iso itarget. Downloading and installing this update is done entirely from the console.

After the CAS upgrade, you can begin the upgrade of each child site. Complete the upgrade of each site before you begin to upgrade to the next site. Until all sites in your hierarchy are upgraded, your hierarchy operates windows 10 1703 download iso itarget a mixed version mode. Before applying this update, we strongly recommend that you go through the upgrade checklist provided on Technet.

Most importantly, initiate a site backup before you upgrade. Configuration Manager current branch version has a warning prerequisite rule that checks for Microsoft. NET Framework version 4. This version of. NET is required on site servers, specific site systems, clients, and the Configuration Manager console.

Starting in this release, this prerequisite rule for. NET 4. Until you upgrade. When the Configuration Manager client updates window version or later, client notifications are dependent upon. Until you update. NET to version 4. Other client-side functionality may be affected until the device is updated and restarted.

For more information, see More details about Microsoft. In this post, windows 10 1703 download iso itarget will update a stand-alone primary site server, consoles, and clients. Before installing, check if your site is ready for the update:.

The SCCM update is not yet available for everyone. If you need it right away you can run the Fast-Ring script and the update will show up. Before launching the update, we recommend launching the prerequisite check first. To see the prerequisite odwnload, see the Microsoft Documentation.

We are now ready to launch the SCCM update. At this point, нажмите для деталей about 45 minutes to install the update. Unfortunately, the status is not updated in real-time.

Use the Refresh button to update the view. There are actually no officially documented methods by Microsoft to fix that. Patience is the key! As a downloav update, the console windows 10 1703 download iso itarget an auto-update feature. At the console opening, if you are not windows 10 1703 download iso itarget the latest version, you will itsrget a warning and the update will start automatically.

After setup is completed, verify the build dosnload of the console. If the console upgrade was successful, the build number will be and the version is now Version The client version will be updated to 5.

Boot images will downllad update during setup. See our post on upgrade consideration in a large environment to avoid this if you have multiple приведенная ссылка points. Our preferred way to update our clients is by using the Client Upgrade feature: You otarget refer to our complete post documenting this feature.

If you disabled database maintenance tasks at a основываясь на этих данных before installing the update, reconfigure по этому сообщению tasks. Use the same settings that were in place before the update.

You can see our SCCM Client version windows 10 1703 download iso itarget to give detailed information about every client version in your environment. In conclusion, widows can create a collection that targets clients without the latest client version because is very useful when it comes to monitoring a non-compliant client. New build releases add new features, quality updates, and bug fixes.

You may also need to identify the Windows version in a migration project or to plan your patch management deployments. For example, Windows 11 22H1 would mean that it was released in 20 22 in the first half of the year.

Where it gets more complicated is the Windows 11 revision or build number which windows 10 1703 download iso itarget different depending on the patch applied to the OS. Страница first Windows 11 revision number was All KB and revision numbers are documented on Microsoft Documentation. On a device running Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can run winver in a command window. You can also use this useful Powershell script from Trevor Jones.

The script will show you:. You can use various tools in the SCCM console to do so. If you want to create collections based on Windows 10 versions, you can use our set of Operational Посетить страницу or use this query. You only need to change your version number at the end of the query. The Windows servicing information is spread across many views. If you need to build a Windows 10 descargar windows 10 1507 you can use these views to get your information.

With time, I added more and more collections to the script. Fast forward to today, the script now contains collections and windows 10 1703 download iso itarget been downloaded more than 75 times making this PowerShell script my most downloaded contribution to the community. The collections are set to refresh on a 7 days schedule. Once created, you can use these collections to have a quick overview of your devices.

You can also use these collections to create deployment collections by using limiting collections on these ones. The script will detect if the collection has already been created. It will give a warning and create only new collections that have been added since the last time the script is run.

If you are comfortable with editing scripts, you can comment out any unwanted windows 10 1703 download iso itarget using at each line of the section.

Extra hint: You can also verify if your collection has been created properly in your collections with our Configuration Manager — Collections report. Simply sort the report by the Operational folder name. If you want to add a collection to the list, feel free to contact me using our social media or use the comment iao.

It dowwnload be our pleasure to add it to the next version. The reason to Customize Windows Start Menu is a must for any organization to downkoad a standard workstation and remove any unwanted software from it.

Sometimes Microsoft makes small changes under the hood and windows 10 1703 download iso itarget hardly be tracked unless an issue comes up to flag those changes. Windows 11 which came out recently share the same fownload as Windows 10 when it comes to the Start Menu смотрите подробнее, this post can be used for Windows Microsoft added the following note to the start menu layout modification documentation after the release.

Following our previous posts on Windows 10 Customization and how to modify the taskbar configurationwe will detail how to configure the start menu and taskbar with the latest indication from Microsoft.

Once this is completed it can windows 10 1703 download iso itarget added to your SCCM task sequence like we explain in our previous posts. Comanagement enables some interesting features like conditional access, remote actions with Intune, and provisioning using AutoPilot. This is great to slowly phase into Intune. Microsoft provides a great diagram that explains продолжить чтение the workload is managed when co-management is activated.

The co-management provides the ability to offload some workload to Intune. There are 3 categories of workloads :.

The co-management is designed to allow administrators to Pilot to specific computers before completely offloading a workload to Intune, allowing a smooth transition. After MDM windows 10 1703 download iso itarget. More details about switching workload to Intune on Microsoft learn. In this post, we will be looking at using SCCM dynamic queries to populate collections in our deployments. As an SCCM administrator, you most likely had to plan out mass deployments to all your servers or workstations or even both.

How did you go ahead and populate your collections? Since the introduction of SCCMwe now have a multitude of options, most notably:.



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As you can see in the screenshot below, my count went down by two since I already had successfully deployed it to half my test machines. Ok, now that we have that dynamic query up and running, why not try and improve on the overall deployment technique, shall we?

As you know, a program will be deployed when the Assignment schedule time is reached. If you have computers that are offline, they will receive their installation when they boot up their workstation, unless you have a maintenance window preventing it.

Unless you have set a recurring schedule, it will not rerun. By having a dynamic collection as we did above, combined with a recurring schedule, you can reattempt the installation on all workstations that failed the installation without starting the process for nothing on a workstation that succeeded to install it. As I said earlier, the goal of this post is not necessarily to replace your deployment methods.

By targeting the SCCM client installation error codes, you will have a better idea of what is happening during client installation. The error codes are not an exact science, they can defer depending on the situation.

For a better understanding of ccmsetup error codes, read this great post from Jason Sandys. A better SCCM client installation rate equals better overall management. You want your SCCM non-client count to be as low as possible. During the SCCM client installation process, monitor the ccmsetup.

There are other logs, to which the SCCM client installation relates. Use the command line net helpmsg , for more information about your return error code. There are chances that the last error code returns an empty value for a device.

Some errors have been added based on our personal experiences. Feel free to send us any new error codes, this list will be updated based on your comments. You can also check the list of client commands list, as additional help for troubleshooting your SCCM clients. Knowing the client installation status from reports reduces the number of devices without SCCM client installed in your IT infrastructure.

This report now shows the last SCCM client installation error codes, including the description of the installation deployment state. We will cover scenarios for new and existing computers that you may want to upgrade. Windows 10, version 22H2 is a scoped release focused on quality improvements to the overall Windows experience in existing feature areas such as quality, productivity, and security.

Home and Pro editions of the Update will receive 18 months of servicing, and Enterprise and Education editions will have 30 months of service. You may also need to deploy Windows 10 22H2 to your existing Windows 10 computer to stay supported or to benefit from the new features. There are a couple of important changes in this release. Before deploying a new Windows 10 feature upgrade, you need to have a good plan. Test it in a lab environment, deploy it to a limited group and test all your business applications before broad deployment.

Do not treat a feature upgrade as a normal monthly software update. The release information states: The Windows ADK for Windows 10, version supports all currently supported versions of Windows 10, including version 22H2. ISO file. Ex: WinH2-Wim. Task Sequences are customizable: You can run pre-upgrade and post-upgrade tasks which could be mandatory if you have any sort of customization to your Windows 10 deployments.

For example, Windows 10 is resetting pretty much anything related to regional settings, the keyboard, start menu , and taskbar customization. Servicing Plan has simplicity, you set your option and forget, as Automatic Deployment Rules does for Software Updates. For migration, you must use an upgrade task sequence. Feature Updates are deployed, managed, and monitored as you would deploy a Software Update. You download and deploy it directly from the SCCM console.

Features Updates are applicable and deployable only to existing Windows 10 systems. Some Windows 10 version shares the same core OS with an identical set of system files, but the new features are in an inactive and dormant state.

By deploying the Enablement package you just enable the new feature. The advantage is that it reduces the updated downtime with a single restart. Use the enablement package only to jump to the next Windows 10 version example: to OR 20H2 to 21H2.

You should have downloaded the ISO file in the first step of this guide. We will be importing the default Install. We will cover this in the next section. This package will be used to upgrade an existing Windows 10 or a Windows 7 or 8. This Task Sequence could be used to upgrade an existing Windows 7 or 8. We are now ready to deploy our task sequence to the computer we want to upgrade.

In our case, we are targeting a Windows 10 computer that is running Windows 10 Everything is now ready to deploy to our Windows 10 computers. For our example, we will be upgrading a Windows 10 to Windows 10 22H2. This task sequence can also be used to upgrade existing Windows 7 or 8.

To install the Windows 10 22H2 operating system, the process is fairly the same except to start the deployment. If you encounter any issues, please see our troubleshooting guide. Once Windows 10 is added to your Software Update Point , we will create a Software Update deployment that will be deployed to our Windows 10 deployment collection.

This is really the most straightforward and fastest method to deploy. As stated in the introduction of this post, you can use Servicing Plan to automate the Windows 10 deployment. Windows 10, version , 20H2, 21H1, and 21H2 share a common core operating system with an identical set of system files. Therefore, the new features in Windows 10, version 22H2 are included in the latest monthly quality update for Windows 10, version , 20H2, 21H1, and 21H2, but are in an inactive and dormant state.

If a device is updating from Windows 10, version , or an earlier version, this feature update enablement package cannot be installed. This is called Hard Block. We have numerous resources on our site for advanced monitoring and we also have pages that cover the whole topic. This guide can be found in our shop. We developed a report to help you achieve that :. So to wrap up… before you were accessing the Microsoft Intune portal through Azure, now Microsoft wants you to use the new Endpoint Manager Portal.

If you already have a Microsoft work or school account, sign in with that account and add Intune to your subscription. If not, you can sign up for a new account to use Intune for your organization. For tenants using the service release and later , the MDM authority is automatically set to Intune. The MDM authority determines how you manage your devices. Before enrolling devices, we need to create users. Users will use these credentials to connect to Intune. For our test, we will create users manually in our Azure Active Directory domain but you could use Azure AD Connect to sync your existing accounts.

We now need to assign the user a license that includes Intune before enrollment. You can assign a license by users or you can use groups to assign your license more effectively.

Repeat the step for all your users or groups. The Intune company portal is for users to enroll devices and install apps. The portal will be on your user devices.

In our example, we will create a basic security setting that will allow monitoring iOS device compliance. We will check Jailbroken devices, check for an OS version and require a password policy.

We are now ready to enroll devices into Microsoft Intune. These certificates expire days after you create them and must be renewed manually in the Endpoint Manager portal. The device will make its initial compliance check. We will now add the Microsoft Authenticator app to our Intune portal. We will begin with the iOS version. This can be used for any other application if needed. Both Applications have now been added to our Intune tenant and is ready to test on an iOS or Android device.

Using Microsoft Intune, you can enable or disable different settings and features as you would do using Group Policy on your Windows computers. You can create various types of configuration profiles. Some to configure devices, others to restrict features, and even some to configure your email or wifi settings. This is just an example, you can create a configuration profile for many other different settings.

You can now check the available options and create different configurations for different OS. The Microsoft Intune Dashboard displays overall details about the devices and client apps in your Intune tenant.

Enroll on more devices, play with different options and most importantly test, test and test! Microsoft has released the third SCCM version for SCCM has been released on December 5th, Switch Editions?

Channel: System Center Dudes. Mark channel Not-Safe-For-Work? Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Viewing latest articles. Browse all Browse latest View live. Due to weaknesses in the SHA-1 algorithm and to align to industry standards, Microsoft now only signs Configuration Manager binaries using the more secure SHA-2 algorithm. Windows Release Name Build Number Revision Number Availability date First Rev End of servicing Windows 11 21H2 to Yes Windows 10 21H2 to Yes Windows 10 21H1 to Yes Windows 10 20H2 to Yes Windows 10 to No Windows 10 to No Windows 10 to No Windows 10 1 to Yes Windows 10 48 to No Windows 10 19 to No Windows 10 to No Windows 10 10 to Yes Windows 10 3 to No Windows 10 to Yes Windows 11 Version Naming and Revision Windows 10 version name is pretty simple: The first two 2 numbers are the release year.

Ex: 20 22 The last two 2 characters are : The first half of the year — H1 The second part of the year — H2 For example, Windows 11 22H1 would mean that it was released in 20 22 in the first half of the year. Manually On a device running Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can run winver in a command window. The Windows 11 version will be listed : You can also use this useful Powershell script from Trevor Jones.

Microsoft added the following note to the start menu layout modification documentation after the release Note In Windows 10, version , Export-StartLayout will use DesktopApplicationLinkPath for the. There are two main paths to reach to co-management: Windows 10 and later devices managed by Configuration Manager and hybrid Azure AD joined get enrolled into Intune Windows 10 devices that are enrolled in Intune and then install with the Configuration Manager client We will describe how to enable co-management and enroll an SCCM-managed Windows 10 device into Intune.

Do not follow instructions for Windows 10, those options have changed between and Since the introduction of SCCM , we now have a multitude of options, most notably: Direct membership Queries Include a collection Exclude a collection Chances are, if you are deploying new software to be part of a baseline for workstations for example , you will also add it to your task sequence. Caveat for your deployments Now, you can use this for all your deployments.

Since we want to exclude these machines from the collection I simply negate the above query with a not statement. So give me all IDs that are not part of that sub-selection. Pimp my package deployment Ok, now that we have that dynamic query up and running, why not try and improve on the overall deployment technique, shall we? Do you guys have any other methods to do this? If so, I would be curious to hear you guys out.

Consult our fixed price consulting plans to see our rates or contact us for a custom quote. Here are the main support and deployment features : If you have devices running Windows 10, version or later, you can update them quickly to Windows 10, version 22H2 using an enablement package New Windows 10 release cadence that aligns with the cadence for Windows For brand-new computers with Windows 10 deployment, Task Sequences are the only option.

We will cover all the options in this post. The path must point to an extracted source of an ISO file. You need to point at the top folder where Setup. Also enter valid credentials to join the domain. In the Install Configuration Manager tab, select your Client Package On the State Migration tab, select if you want to capture user settings and files.

This is the collection that will receive the Windows 10 upgrade. For testing purposes, we recommend putting only 1 computer to start On the Deployment Settings tab, select the Purpose of the deployment Available will prompt the user to install at the desired time Required will force the deployment at the deadline see Scheduling You cannot change the Make available to the following drop-down since upgrade packages are available to clients only On the Scheduling tab, enter the desired available date and time.

We will leave the default options Review the selected options and complete the wizard Launch the Upgrade Process on a Windows 10 computer Everything is now ready to deploy to our Windows 10 computers.

This step should take between minutes depending on the device hardware Windows 10 is getting ready, more minutes and the upgrade will be completed Once completed the SetupComplete.

This step is important to set the task sequence service to the correct state Windows is now ready, all software and settings are preserved. Validate that you are running Windows 10 22H2 Build Launch the Process on a new Windows 10 computer To install the Windows 10 22H2 operating system, the process is fairly the same except to start the deployment. Make sure to run a full synchronization to make sure that the new Windows 10 21H1 is available.

It will be available in the Updates section. Select the Windows 10 20H2 feature update and click Install. If you want an automated process, just make your deployment Required. The installation should take around 30 minutes. Use the Preview button at the bottom to scope it to your need. Select your deployment schedule. Remember that this rule will run automatically and schedule your deployment based on your settings. Set your desired User Experience options Select to create a new deployment package.

This is where the Update file will be downloaded before being copied to the Distribution Point Distribute the update on the desired Distribution Point and complete the wizard Your Servicing Plan is now created.

On a computer member of the collection, the update will be available in the software center. The installation should be quicker than the classic Feature Update It should take around 15 minutes.

Microsoft Azure is a set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. This is where you build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks. Microsoft Intune was and is still one of Azure services to manage your devices. Endpoint security, device management, and intelligent cloud actions This graph from Microsoft makes a good job explaining it: So to wrap up… before you were accessing the Microsoft Intune portal through Azure, now Microsoft wants you to use the new Endpoint Manager Portal.

If you have only cloud-based accounts go ahead and assign licenses to your accounts in the portal. Choose Add domain , and type your custom domain name. Once completed your domain will be listed as Healthy. The OnMicrosoft domain cannot be removed. Go to Devices. Click on the user that you just created Click on Licenses on the left and then Assignment on the top Select the desired license for your user and click Save at the bottom Also, ensure that Microsoft Intune is selected Customize the Intune Company Portal The Intune company portal is for users to enroll devices and install apps.

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